A Letter From New Jersey’s Greatest Restaurant Hood Cleaning & Maintenance Company….

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Dear Jersey Restaurant Owner/Manager,

Hey, we’re the Jersey Hood Cleaning Professionals!

We’ve done thousands of commercial kitchen hood cleanings, restaurant exhaust hood cleanings, and food truck exhaust systems.

I’m sure that if you currently run any kind of commercial kitchen, you know the importance of exhaust hood maintenance. We think about it every day!

It’s funny to think about some of the “dream jobs” we had growing up. Let us just say this, they didn’t have anything to do with cleaning restaurant grease. But hey, our team has come to love this. It is that hidden passion that we never knew we had.

We trained for years to become the best restaurant hood cleaning business in New Jersey. And we’re damn proud of it.

But, enough about us.  So let’s talk about you.

You’ve got a commercial kitchen and an exhaust system. Something’s up and you need a hood cleaner and maintenance person.

Maybe it’s been inspected and didn’t pass. Or perhaps someone has been neglecting it. Or it could be that it’s in good shape, but you’re over the guy who has been doing your hood cleaning and hood filter maintenance.

Whatever the case, you want a restaurant hood cleaning company that you can count on.

You just want a clean restaurant hood and restaurant hood exhaust system!

Are we on the right track?

If so… and if you want the best hood cleaning pros in New Jersey, call us now at (609) 934-1790.

Thanks for visiting our website. Feel free to poke around. And don't hesitate to call or fill out the form if you have questions or interest. 

All the best,

The Jersey Hood Cleaning Professionals

Common Questions asked of Jersey Hood Cleaning:

What all do you do?

Well, we don’t just do hood cleaning. We can also pressure wash restaurant and kitchen floors, clean up your loading and dock area, steam/ pressure wash your sidewalk, and provide fire safety solutions. For a full list of our awesome services, visit the additional services page.

Why is it so important to have a clean exhaust system?

Fire hazard. When grease builds up in an exhaust system, it can get super nasty. We all know that.  But, that grease and other nasty ingredients can become very hot and ignite. The next thing you know, your restaurant will be up in flames and you’ll be all over the news. Two things that are bad for business are bad Yelp reviews and making the news because three fire trucks had to be sent to your location to keep from burning down the neighborhood. If you want further details on commercial kitchen fire prevention, hop on over to our fire prevention page.

What cities do you serve?

Based out of Trenton and serving all the cities and towns in New Jersey. Call us to find out if we can service your restaurant. We love to help a guy (or gal) if we can.

What types of restaurants do you typically clean?

We can do it all. We are very experienced hood cleaners and we are capable of cleaning up any type of restaurant up to code. Our most popular businesses to clean are those who fry a lot (for obvious reasons). We also recently started to hood cleaning and complete kitchen cleaning in a lot of food trucks.

How much is this going to cost me?

Your final restaurant hood cleaning cost depends on three main things:

  • The size of your restaurant
  • The condition of your equipment
  • The type of services you would like (pressure washing, steam cleaning, maintenance, replacement of equipment or accessories, etc.)

Your cost can vary. Call us so we can discuss your needs in detail and give you a realistic estimate.

What’s the next step?

Call us at (609) 934-1790. If email works better, please use the form halfway up this page.

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